Rough Landing Review from February 2015

Spike Flynn is a singer-songwriter from New South Wales, Australia. He has recorded his second CD in Urala. Four years ago I judged his first effort "It's alright" and I summarise the review as follows:
"With 'It's alright’ Spike Flynn gives an impressive calling card. Beautiful, narrative songs in a delicious combination of blues and folk. I hope in the future we get a CD of this level once a year from Spike ".
That wish has not come true - it took about five years before the sequel came, but it was worth the wait. The influences of Flynn remain the early blues and singer-songwriters like Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt. The thirteen original songs on the CD are beautiful, narrative and a fine accompaniment provided with a leading role for Andrew Clermont on fiddle, banjo and mandolin, Tony Green on guitars and bass and Ritchie Lockwood on drums. Flynn himself plays guitar and harmonica and does the vocals, with the latter sometimes assisted by Donna Amini. Occasionally we hear an electric piano and an upright bass. All songs are worth it, but there are a few which rise above the others, such as "Ragin 'against the wind' ('Like a pinpoint of light on a blazing sun, still all faith rests on the deeds done, Oh, just a man with a feather ragin'against the wind '). A generous lyric booklet is included.

The second CD of Spike Flynn confirms the suspicions I had after listening to his debut album It’s Alright. This man is a great asset to the singer-songwriter guild! (Independent)
Fred Schmale, 7th Feb 2015.

Rough Landing -A review from Belgium -

Translation is a challenge but in part it says -

The thirteen songs (on Rough Landing) are in many cases simply more beautiful than those from his already so well-loved predecessor (It’s Alright). Recommended especially to fans of the material of classical singer-songwriters like Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and John Prine.
Again therefore I give,( as I gave to It’s Alright in 2010), four stars for this (album Rough Landing) from this extremely likeable singing songwriter from New South Wales, Australia!

Rough Landing - Irish Review from Lost Highway<3>

Review from Ireland for my album Rough Landing -…/spike-flynn-rough-landing-…
Spike Flynn 'Rough Landing' - Self Release

Spike Flynn was born in Forbes, New South Wales and is now based in Sydney, Australia. This is his second release, with his first album It’s Alright achieving a number 10 slot on the September 2010 Euro Americana charts. Rough Landing contains a high standard of song-writing with the 13 tracks displaying a lived-in quality of storytelling. The songs explore life with its beauty, sorrows, and joys, and often have a philosophical and spiritual aspect with meaningful, thought provoking lyrics. His voice has a tired edge and reminds me of Johnny Cash or John Stewart in tone.
There are shades of the blues and country influences and the playing is of a high quality throughout. Fiddle, mandolin and banjo mix seamlessly with harmonica and guitars. Fate and Freedom is a terrific opening song that pits enduring love against death and bitter fate. Wonderful words delivered in a true country style. Songs like Trying to Get Home Blues, Frozen Words, Ragin’ against the Wind and All you Lonesome Hobos speak to the inner strength in all of us and our need to endure. Don’t Let Her Sail Away and Hero’s Mask also impress with fine ensemble playing and a great production by Damian Flynn throughout. This artist is a really fine example of the talent that exists out there in music land but sadly, under the radar. Highly recommended |

Rough Landing - Roots Highway "shortcuts " review -

In a well-kept digipak packaging, with lyrics, text and a background from the Australian country side, comes the new work of Spike Flynn, an independent voice of the national roots scene. A long-time musician, who for years however was not performing or recording, returned in 2010 with his CD It's Alright.

Rough Landing continues this rebirth, confirming his authenticity in the spirit of country and folk blues. With his hoarse voice… (he fishes) with both hands from the long tradition of the folk singer. His songs, such as Trying to Get Home Blues, All You Lonesome Hobos, Re-Incarnation Train Whistle Blues - and even the titles - are those of songs influenced by people like Ramblin 'Jack Elliott and Guy Clark. The sound is spartan and rustic and is best thought of as a carriage for the stories he tells.

A violin or a touch of banjo in Small Town Refugee and Frozen Words (Neon Lit Cafe no.2) and the air is gently country, sometimes pointing to the twelve-bar blues (Ragin 'Against the Wind), but more generally the songs keep their course firmly towards the storytelling style of his musical and songwriting influences . Spike Flynn offers the natural taste of a simple and old music and though not in the league of the "greats" if you listen you will understand that he knows how to write and perform a good song.
(Fabio Cerbone)


Review in Folkworld by David Hintz from Washington DC, USA

Spike Flynn "It’s Alright"
Own label, 2009

A lot of people try to capture that lonely, desolate feeling of exploring the American West. Spike Flynn with his blues-folk stylings here, has captured that feeling. That he is based in Australia makes even more sense as there is even more “old west” territory there than in the USA. Flynn has a good voice and writes songs that flow steadily allowing his voice to quietly make his points along the journey. There is a touch of mandolin within a bluegrass-folk hybrid style at times, but this is one of those rare times where I actually prefer the even, steady pace of his folk-blues without a lot of variety. This record has a lot of rootsy, gutsy appeal and should satisfy listeners who enjoy good western singer songwriters who keep it simple.

© David Hintz

From the Swedish Magazine Countrywood Feb. 2011

Spike Flynn is an Australian singer-songwriter with storytelling on the agenda. A couple of his songs on the album It's Alright convey an atmosphere on par with Tom Waits in which texts are of paramount importance. Spike Flynn sings or talk-sings his songs with a poetic tone, and tells stories about relationships and people that are not always the most fortunate in society. There are stories about people in small towns and people in the big city, songs of joy and sorrow, the strength and weakness, with the hope that it will lead to acceptance and understanding. Very probably personally experienced from his turbulent adolescence.

The title track "It's Alright" is a jazzy song about people's lives and dreams that never come true, with smoky saxophone by Mickey Young, and actually something so odd in this type of CD as a synth. Silver Nitrate Serenade conveys the same nice atmosphere, while Hard Times is a popigare Country Song, but without the same charm and feel. The Penny Whistle Lament" is a stylish ballad, but there are other quiet songs that did not hold to the same high class.

Spike Flynn falls within the Americana tradition, but with a bit of a mixed flavour. It's Alright is an alright album, and although the disc does not hold all the way, there are some beautiful songs.

Georg Ryttman

Hungarian review from Hificity Magazine/website

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German Review - Musikansich

Spike Flynn

It’s Alright

Musikrichtung: Singer/Songwriter, Roots

VÖ: 26.04.2010


Gesamtspielzeit: 44:54


Aus dem Westen von Australiens New South Wales stammt der Singer/Songwriter Spike Flynn, der nicht mehr zu den allerjüngsten gehört, mit It’s Alright aber dennoch erst sein Debüt vorlegt. Zu unstet war sein bisheriges Leben mit Höhen und vielen Tiefen, auch wenn er schon immer Songs geschrieben hat. Dazu passend kommt auch die Musik daher.

Mit viel Blues und Roots Musik und einem Gesang, der mehr an Storytelling denn an Gesang erinnert. Aber genau das ist vielleicht die große Stärke von Spike Flynn: Geschichten erzählen aus einem langen und abwechslungsreichen Leben. Man nimmt ihm das ohne Umschweife ab. Das erinnert etwas an einen jungen Tom Waits. Die musikalische Umsetzung ist sehr zurückgenommen. Viel akustische Gitarre etwas Bass und Percussion und ab und an ein Saxophon oder Orgelsounds, welche die klagende Musik bestens unterstreichen.

It’s Alright ist ein starkes Debüt und wenn man dem Pressetext glauben darf, hat Spike Flynn noch viele Songs aus allen Phasen seines Lebens in der Hinterhand, so dass das nächste Werk nicht lange auf sich warten lassen dürfte. Interessantes Album!

Ingo Andruschkewitsch

Swedish Review from Ikon

Spike Flynn
It’s Alright
(Spike Songs/Hemifrån)

Publiceringsdatum: 2011-01-07
Källa: IKON1931

What jobs Australian Spike Flynn has worked over the years, I have no idea. Anyway, he has written songs since he was young but only now have things come together enough to record a CD. Most of the songs are from 1980 and I can for the life of me not understand why it took so long before I get to listen.

He starts so enormously beautiful with a long tale of the best Tom Waits style that seems to rise from the same source where E of Eels draw their inspiration. Support same time on the edge of the foolhardy to start a CD with a nine minute track but it is incredibly good. Should I choose a song that is constantly spinning in my mind that the accompaniment is well placed.

Then it will be Falling Rain Blues and the equal beauty. Another favorite is the sad Hard Times with the lines: Hard times in the countryside, hard times in the town. There's hard times in this heart of mine, girl, Since you're not around. .

Large Thrives in Flynn's company and sincerely hope I don't have to wait thirty years before the songs he is writing at the moment reach me.

Roger Bengtsson

That is of course a sometimes confusing google translation. The original is as follows :

Vad australienske Spike Flynna sysslat med genom åren har jag ingen aning om. Hursomhelst har han skrivit sånger sen länge men först nu har de sats samman till en platta. Huvudparten av låtarna är från 1980 och jag kan för mitt liv inte begripa varför det väntats så länge innan jag får lyssna.

Han börjar så enormt skönt med en lång skröna i bästa Tom Waits stil som verkar öst ur samma källa där E i Eels hämtar sin inspiration. Stöddigt på gränsen till det dumdristiga att börja en platta med en niominutare men samtidigt är det otroligt bra. Skulle jag välja en låt som ständigt snurrar i bakhuvudet som ackompanjemang ligger den bra till.

Sen blir det Falling Rain Blues och den är lika störtskön. En annan favorit är den sorgliga Hard Times med textraderna: Hard times, in the country, hard times in the town. There’s hard times in this heart of mine, girl, since you’re not around. .

Stortrivs i Flynns sällskap och hoppas innerligt at than inte väntar trettio år innan de sånger han skriver på i nuläget når mig.

Roger Bengtsson

UK Review by John Davy


'Its Alright'

- Album: 'Its Alright'
- Genre: 'Blues' - Release Date: 'November 2010'

Our Rating: 9/10

Australian Spike Flynn is an unusual debutant into the music business. It seems he's been playing music and writing songs all his life but it's only now, in his fifties, that things have come together enough for him to have these songs recorded. In all these years, it's clear from his subject matter that he's been trucking round the rougher edges of life. His songs deal with the hard times that can come to anybody, with people (ex-girlfriends in particular) who don't seem to have worked out how to be happy, with the attractions of the bottle or of ditching this town for the next one down the line. They are songs that could have been written at any time in the last century or so and certainly could have been written about the wide open spaces and pitiless economic forces of America in 1880 or 1930 rather than Spike's own experiences in the New South Wales of the last forty years or so.

Appropriately for a man who writes about the hard side of life, Spike's music is rooted in the blues. However, he's an inate storyteller, too, so there's a bit of country and folk style coming through; the title track itself is something of an epic that manages to combine these approaches as Spike's poetic lyric takes a long amble through the vale of tears we can all find ourselves in. At times like this, he says, we just need someone to lean on who'll tell us it's alright and then their love will see us through. His lyric is more spoken than sung against a scuffed, slow blues that develops jazzy overtones; it's pretty downbeat, as if Spike's trying to convince himself that "it's alright", as much as us.

Track 2, Falling Rain Blues, is probably as close as this album gets to an unadorned blues. The lyric is kept short and to the point and the atmosphere makes it first cousin to Neil Young's On The Beach to my ears - though not quite so bleak. Overall these nine songs are pretty downbeat and Spike doesn't lighten up much but then maybe he doesn't reckon he's seen much to lighten up about. However, there's some nicely mordant humour on Falling In Love ( Out Of Self Defense) and a gently philosophical shrug of the shoulders encapsulated in song on That's The Way It Goes - which sounds pretty much like John Prine, enough to make you think he might be one of Spike's musical heroes.

For all that his focus is on the downbeat, the message that Spike seeks to bring us in distilling his experience is that we're all in it together; there's no bitterness and recrimination here, just a reiterated wish that we all find our way to good, or better, times. It's all there in the last verse of That's The Way It Goes :

"Do the best that you can, be true to love and your fellow man

Always try to lend a helping hand - that's the way it goes".

John Davy

This review may be found at these sites -

Review by Markus Kerren in German Magazine RockTimes December 2010

Here is a link to this review by Markus Kerren. Unless you read German you will need to use Google translate.

French review- no translation

Hi folks - if anyone can provide a good translation of this French review that follows I'd be grateful!
Roland Lanzarone from RCF-Haute Normandie Radio and Le Cri du Coyote Magazine has given a very positive and warm review to It's Alright. The review itself is in the magazine in the Kanga Route section which focuses on music from Australia. I don't seem to be able to access this from the web page so I guess it's a hard copy magazine. In an email to me Roland expressed how much he has enjoyed It's Alright and how he has been playing it on his radio program. You can check out the web address here:
I will try to get a decent translation before I put it up in English (google does not do a good job with it!) but here it is in French in case you can read French -
Forbes, qui a vu naître Spyke, est une petite ville au-delà de
laquelle s‘étend l‘outback inhabité, où le vent, comme dans les
westerns, s‘amuse à rouler les buissons. C‘est à 57 ans que ce
songwriter, chanteur et guitariste chevronné se produisant de préférence
aux alentours de Sydney, décide de sortir son premier album.
Accompagnées d‘un livret, on trouve 9 compositions écrites
dans un langage intimiste, simple, débordant de sincérité où il exprime
en blues, folk et country l‘expérience de sa vie avec sa part
de déceptions qu‘il a surmontées en s‘accrochant. Il aborde le thème du découragement
de diverses manières : en douce lenteur dans Hold On (persiste à croire et malgré ta
solitude ton voeux se réalisera), en blues dans It‘s Alright qui est un long et beau poème
sur l‘importance d‘avoir dans sa vie le soutien d‘un ami, celui qui dans les moments diffi
ciles dira “ce n‘est rien, ça ira“, en une country trottante dans That‘s The Way It Goes
(vis un jour à la fois, fais de ton mieux, aide qui tu peux, c‘est la vie) et dans Runaway
Train, autre country (on crie “Seigneur au secours“ quand les problèmes de la vie nous
donnent l‘impression d‘être à bord d‘un train fou). Un autre thème abordé par Spyke est
la manière d‘encaisser une rupture amoureuse. Dans Falling Rain Blues (blues) l‘amoureux
éconduit sent le blues tomber sur lui telle une pluie qu‘il attendrait par un temps de
sécheresse, alors que dans Silver Nitrate Serenade (folk) et Hard Times (country douce)
l‘amoureux abandonné souhaite, malgré son chagrin, le bonheur de celle qui l‘a quitté.
Les souvenirs heureux revus dans un rêve éveillé du petit matin sont exprimés en blues
dans The Penny Whistle Lament, alors que l‘amour comme dernier recours (comparé à
un canot de sauvetage) dans Falling Into Love est une country au tempo très soutenu
et même le plus vivant de l‘album. Naturellement Spyke n‘est pas seul, il bénéfi cie de
l‘accompagnement (pno, perc, bss, sax, gtr élec, etc.) par divers musiciens qui se relayent
en fonction des chansons. Spyke a emmagasiné au cours de sa vie de nombreux
autres titres, il nous en livrera quelques-uns dans un prochain album. En attendant ce
très recommandable premier opus est disponible auprès de lui même[less]

A review from Rudd Heijjer: check out his web site at

Spike Flynn – It’s Alright
september 19th, 2010

Late calling.

Spike Flynn is an Australian live veteran of well over fifty. Still, it is only now that he releases his self-released debut containing nine original songs.

He starts surprisingly with the almost nine minutes long title song, an evocative ballad full of restrained melancholy about comfort in a derelict town. The jazzy influence is strong because of Micky Young’s long lines on sax, just like in Silver Nitrate Serenade. In that song Flynn sings how a love was lost because she clung to her ideals and he only clung to his guitar, accompanied atmospherically by drummer Ian Heffernan and bass player Brian O’Rourke amongst others.

Flynn plays five of this kind of narrative, bluesy songs, but he also convinces in a gallopping country song, two country ballads and a folk ballad.

Strangely enough, these good songs almost all stem from 1980, but Flynn’s second CD is bound to arrive sooner: fortunately, he would be planning that in the meantime.


The following review (it's a google translation) can be found at

FLYNN SPIKE "It's Alright" (Spike Flynn)

(4 ****)

An until recently almost entirely blank page from New South Wales, Australia, in terms of active singing songsmith years. Spike Flynn may have written in his younger years and occasionally performed, but his career seems to have started only now with his album debut, It's Alright. A hard life over many long years has given him much to say. Lucky for him - and for us - that time seems now definitely over. Now he is settled, tried and tested. Flynn can look back on having a life with high peaks and deep valleys. And he does so in a way that shows the hand of a true master storyteller. His lyrics are pure and his own experiences inspires these poetic lyrics, which shows a great willingness to accept life as it is. Joy and pain are simply pretty close to each other, says the man. These nine songs are great listening. Flynn is somewhere in the wake of the greats like a Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark and a John Prine. All should be there immediately to be added that the popgehalte of his songs still slightly higher than that of these of these colleagues. Country (Americana) and blues are the starting point, but with an accessible, good radio friendly edge. This increases the brilliants on easy first-Flynn also a somewhat broader public should be worn. One thing that concerns us now already certain: if you've listened to it once, you will have to continue to enjoy going back and always keep discovering new things. Brilliant stuff!

A review from the French magazine Keys and Chords.

You can check out the original at this link:

Spike Flynn: It's Alright
19/september/10 Filed in: CD reviews
Intelligent storytelling.

In the picture on the CD case there appears a somewhat gloomy older gentleman with a hat and guitar. Spike Flynn was previously a total stranger to me. Many do not know of this singer-songwriter who lives in Rozelle, Sydney. We hear only nine songs on the debut of the now 56-year-old musician from Australia. It starts immediately with the impressive title track, a drawling talking song that takes nearly nine minutes but without a dull moment. 'Its Alright' we hear and that's the least we can say of his work. Flynn tells his stories at times with his whispery vocals and simple fingerpicking that is subtly framed by sophisticated professionals. With such a stylized approach in which country folk and blues merge seamlessly it produces comparisons with someone like the late Townes Van Zandt and in this case it is not too high. Spike approaches in its best moments the magic of these wonderful songsmith tales of Silver Nitrate Serenade and especially Hard Times and the sober closer 'Hold On' breathe an identical desolate atmosphere. Timeless stories which, although in the Wild West of Australia, fit effortlessly into an authentic Americana landscape. Hopefully this will not be his only piece.

Cis Van Looy (4)

From Paul Kerr

Check out his site at

On a different tack Australian Spike Flynn has released his debut album It’s Alright while in his mid fifties. As befits a man of his life experience this is a world weary, knowing and slightly philosophical take on things. Meditating on the blues as on the opening song It’s Aright which clocks in at nearly nine minutes, Flynn is obviously not in a hurry to tell his tales. It’s Alright could have fallen out of an early Tom Wait’s album with its vignettes of small town life and the smoky saxophone that accompanies it. The sax is present also on Silver Nitrate Serenade, another lengthy mood piece with lyrics that catch an emotion and a moment in time so well such as
“the strong black coffee shoots my nerves, full of tin foil and memories and rust, and a mind almost spent checks its change for the rent.”
This is rain drizzled neon lit night music and Flynn captures it again on several other songs on the album including The Pennywhistle Lament. With a voice that at times is similar to Butch Hancock, Flynn also turns in some well written uptempo folk songs, That’s The Way it Goes in particular sounds as if it should be a folk song standard while Falling Rain Blues is similar to latter day Bob Dylan especially on Time out of Mind. All in all this is terrific stuff.

Spike Flynn The Penny Whistle Lament

Maverick Magazine review for October 2010
Spike Flynn

It’s Alright

Self-released 884502482805


Songs everyone listening can resonate with

If you like music that really means something and comes from the heart then you will love IT’S ALRIGHT by Spike Flynn. Spike is a singer/songwriter who grew up in New South Wales, Australia. His music blends country with traditional folk. There are echoes of Bob Dylan in Spike’s style of music, which is emotional and rich in depth and texture. The songs on this debut album give an insight into Spike’s life and the experiences he has had to go through to get to this point in time. This is an album that deserves to be listened to closely as his words are like wonderful poetry set to music. The album opens with the title track It’s Alright. Spike’s vocals are earthy and raw. The instrumentation blends folk/country with a dash of jazz. Falling Rain Blues is a blues infused country/folk song. There is a very traditional feel to this thoroughly modern song. Silver Nitrate Serenade is a slow really organic song brought to life by Spike’s charismatic vocals. The saxophone adds more depth and character to the song giving the instrumentation a jazzy feel. Falling Into Love (Out of Self Defense) has a more old time country feel. Spike’s gravely vocals make listeners feel like they are slipping backwards into a time gone by. The content of this song is perhaps more positive than many of the others on the album, a small chink of sunshine bursting through the darkness. Hard Times is an extremely sad song, which Spike brings to life with his evocative vocals. This is a wonderful song that really brings the album to life. Runaway Train is a faster paced country/folk song again with a more positive edge. The Penny Whistle Lament sees the mood slow once again. This is a breath taking song with interesting lyrics that hopefully we as listeners can all resonate with. That’s The Way It Goes is a simple country/folk song once again brought to life by Spike’s vocals. The lyrics speak of the ups and downs in life and the choices we are all forced to make at some point in our lives. All too soon the album comes to an end with a fantastic song called Hold On. This song suggests through its lyrics that whatever you have been through in life keep holding on. A positive message to end this beautiful album on! This album contains everything you want an album to contain – memorable lyrics that come straight from the heart and songs you will be eager to play over and over again. SH

Review from Holland September 2010

This review is translated from Dutch
For the original go to this web site

Review by Rein van den Berg

At times I see myself jokingly as a master of aesthetics. Continued insatiable urge to "beauty" would distinguish what is within my senses pick up. The emphasis on this site is within the music, but this feature is obviously ironic provided much more comprehensive. A taste opinion is formed based on personal directives and requirements. Fortunately, rigid criteria are not set or defined. Would you maintain at least room for much needed flexibility. Its fine I feel for myself what is tastefully. And what not. Sometimes a rough sketch all the imagination, and every extra note is one too many. Not inhibited by any training musically I like an impression of what I think. Not with the intention to impose my taste, but to allow more attention to a unique artist, like Spike. Beauty is a recognition, and then articulate is half.

Spike Flynn does not in my opinion especially try to look bleak on the cover of his debut album It's Alright. Australians simply are not as easily impressed as others. He lives in a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales. Rozelle is named from the early colonial period because therein were many parrots. Frankly I know very little of Spike Flynn's background. The fact is that his music is very good. There is no doubt about the present moment. Spike is 57 years in December. He has been playing music over a long period of time, you can taste it through the refinement of the performance. His style is direct, expressive and contains an enormous expressiveness. Music that veers between folk, country and blues and in a similar class of someone like Townes Van Zandt. (Listen to Silver Nitrate Serenade!) Today is the glorious style within the scope of Americana.

Spike is currently working on its successor. He burns with desire to work under a (larger) public dissemination. It's Alright contains songs where the copyright is back to 1980. It could be an indication that sufficient fresh Spike, perhaps inchoate material on the shelf is located. The provisional working title of his upcoming album is The Weatherman. But enough for now. I recommended It's Alright. An album that contains many rare, beautiful songs. Many rippling in a pleasant pace. The smooth lines of text makes time seem to evaporate. That's The Way It Goes resignedly tells Spike's life philosophy. Storytelling that allows comparisons with the work of Bob Dylan, Bob Martin and Sam Baker. I say no more!

Silver Nitrate Serenade

From the album "It's Alright".
Darius @
29th May 2010.

Spike Flynn is a wonderful songwriter from Australia. His shorter songs are little slices of life that perfectly capture the emotions of his characters in just a few lines. But his longer songs are a revelation. These are perfect noir short stories, dripping with atmosphere. As with any good short story, the plotting is tight, with the resolutions feeling completely satisfying. Silver Nitrate Serenade is a superb example. I couldn’t help as I listened to this one seeing in my head Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not.

This music is not blues exactly, but it shows that Flynn is well versed in blues styles. The basic band is drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and keyboards. Sometimes, harmonica or saxophone are added for color and flavor. Flynn sings in voice that reminds me of Mark Knopfler’s, although Flynn sometimes gets gruffer. All in all, it’s a combination that works beautifully. I am looking forward to Spike Flynn’s next one, and if he publishes a novel or a book of short stories in the mean time, I hope I find out about it.

Only Australian Music June 2010

Posted By: Patrick -

Spike Flynn is a down home storytelling type singer. His sound is a blend of country/blues and folk. His smooth vocals are at times reminiscent of Roger Waters (Pink Floyd).

Spike has recently emerged from semi retirement, fresh with a clutch of new songs to share with us. He has a new CD out now, called “It’s Alright”, and another on the way.

You can buy Spikes cd at CD Baby. You can also listen to some great samples while your there.

Spike is a great storyteller along the lines of a Bob Dylan and the aforementioned Roger Waters. His songs are the type you never tire of, there is something fresh to be heard with every listen. The contrasts between light and dark are expertly handled and captivating.

This next review is originally in Dutch

- a Google translation follows. (The Netherlands)

Written by: Johan Schoenmakers
Spike Flynn – It’s Alright

From his teenage years writing and singing the Australian troubadour Spike Flynn liedjes.Inmiddels intense autobiography he passed fifty, and the CD "It's Alright" is his debut. His style is a crossover of blues, folk, Americana and country. The troubadour has a delicate voice, sometimes reminiscent of Mark Knopfler. Spike has not only a sense of melody, his voice also evokes a certain melancholy mood. He also writes very expressive. The songs contain lyrics about his childhood, the helplessness and pain. On "It's Alright" are nine generally intimate songs, which Flynn does with understated singing with subtle guidance, inter alia, Brian O'Rourke (bass), Graeme Molloy (piano), Ian Heffernan (percussion) and Dave Fitzgerald (electric guitar and mandolin ).

It all sounds extremely relaxed. Yet know that Spike and company can put a voltage, which ensures that the music like a virus in your bloodstream attaches. Peaks on this album are the slow songs such as Silver Nitrate Seranade, The Penny Whistle Lament and It's Alright. Heartbreaking and staid in tone and arrangement. He also shakes with ease some wonderful country songs from his sleeve (That's The Way It Goes and Hard Times).

"It's Alright" is a warm and straightforward album of singer-songwriter Spike Flynn with the heart in the right place. For fans of this genre it is a highly recommended listen.

No Depression On-line Roots Music Magazine

Posted By: Phil Meagher

There is a sense of movement and journey across the emotional and psychological terrains in It’s Alright, and this matches the cadence of Spike’s personal journeys, retracing his steps with reverential nods to country blues, balladeers, enduring friendships, the drama of wide blue skies and black eternal nights, and the poets that flourish and die underneath.

At times Spike moves across the vast dry plains and small western towns of New South Wales, Australia, with confident lengthy strides; at others he falters, slowed with a load and trudging through the sludge. It’s Alright is a journey from the Big Dry to cool harbours, from parching dust to smothering humidity; from alienation and separation from values to a hard fought return to honesty, kindness and the freedom brought through acceptance.

Flynn says on his liner notes that sorrow and joy can lead to acceptance and strength. And that’s how this journey kicks off with It’s Alright, the title track in which Spike lets us know the blues are our constant companion, and our saviour. They come from the same place as love, and love is hope. From the cradle to the grave, from sunrise to sunset they shadow us. Walking tall, with a cast of easily recognisable characters who get a raw deal in life and love, Spike cajoles and walks us with his band into an easy acceptance of this truth and leaves us with hope – it’s all right.

A Bluesy take on the drought follows and with Fallin' Rain Blues Spike frog-marches us down the road of lost love with moody guitar, organ and piano. It’s a good blues standard with Spike’s vocals matching the prevailing climatic conditions. And of course there’s a getaway train, an express to the next lesson in life and love. Silver Nitrate Serenade with its slow walking beat is that lesson, complete with photo albums of memories, ruminations and possessiveness of obsessions. Attempts at goodwill to this particular love are questioned seriously with a sax siren that highlights the bipolar nature of Flynn’s reminiscences.

Breaking out of the trudge with a jaunty two stepping turn comes a revival of sorts; of love, rescue and reward, at the risk of further damage with Falling into Love – Out of Self Defence. Pushed along by some polished flat picking and country rhythm comes the equation “if you don’t choose love, what’ve you got?” You may have to burn to get warm is the message of this clever weighing up of the odds.

Hard times , it seems is from another time and place - with Henry Lawson, the legendary bard from the bush, centre stage in the parlour, telling a story with the station owner’s wife accompanying him on piano. This song evokes the unsettling sad beauty of Henry leaving, again to return to the city alone, leaving a silence heavy with a sad secret intact.

Penny Whistle Lament – a story for us all. Dreams, songs, altruism, values, and goodness, turned to dust by our own reckless indulgences and destructiveness, and carried away on any passing breeze. The song sings of soft defeat but its musical accompaniment is anything but soft; it is relentless and unsettling and Flynn sings with the horror of those nights alone with nothing but the night wind calling.

Like a Runaway Train, & That’s the Way it Goes - are upbeat and positive. No matter where we’ve been or what’s happened, the kernel of who we are at birth remains close and within reach through all our dark days. Spike begs us to look for that safe place to retreat to when despair sets in. Keep it close, keep it simple and keep moving, with a tut in your strut, and a little glide in your stride.

The closing track Hold On, is a beautifully paced goodnight prayer; a prayer to you and me to keep the faith in ourselves, in all our changing states along the way. We have come full circle with Spike and the album finishes where it began - with hope and acceptance, delivered with integrity and strength.

Spike demonstrates that whatever he has been through he has been served well by holding close the values and truths he was given. Along with these gifts, the wisdom gathered and the tears sprung from life’s joys and sorrows, have hydrated and nourished the arid landscapes of Spike’s past, and the paddocks are now well prepared for the next planting, and I look forward to that harvest with great impatience.

Have a little look at him and a little listen on Spike's My Space site:

Another review originally in Dutch. This time from Belgium

Written by Francois Braeken

Check it out at this link. Follow "CD Reviews" to find Spike Flynn

Posted 20th July 2010
It's Alright

"If you find yourself losing to the blues, just find a friend who can hold onto you and say ....It's Alright"

Already after the first tones of the eager almost nine minutes lasting openings and title track my decision fixed .... stands.. "It's Alright" with Spike Flynn and his debut album. Brilliant story songs that poured honestly become even better with a laid back blues, folk, americana sauce. After "Hard Times" and not only for signed, of Van Morrison on the voorbije Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival its songs as "The Falling Rain Blues" ((With Graeme Molloy on piano & organ), the Dire Straits - esque "Silver Nitrate Serenade" (Steve Shirvington / harmonica, Mickey Young / sax) - sublime soundtrack otherwise for Witse / Baantjer / Praises 2 - and "Runaway Train" (Dave Fitzgerald / Mandolin) real reliefs of this fingserstyle guitar picker from New South Bank (Australia). For the habbekratsje of thirteen dollars "Falling Into love" with Spike Flynn - via mediations office Cd Baby - this is an offer that you should not miss, "The Penny Whistle Lament" and afsluiter "Hold On" have everything in house round real Radio 1 provoke to become ....alleen is the chance small that they it ever to want to be brought very small. Indeed, "That's the Way It Goes" for properly what singer - songwriters only fortunately there is to be pointed yet Rootsville there you on their existence. Fifty plus and a debut album that in every year list must surface world sees there - with exception of that an annoying helicopter above the Deusterstraat in Pear - again very radiated out. Provost! (SWA)

Another review this time from with a google translation.

Written by Freddy Celis of August 2010

Spike Flynn is a singer-songwriter from Rozelle, a small village west of the town of Forbes in the Australian New South Wales. He composes songs and has been writing lyrics since his early childhood years and has increasingly mastered this art through many life experiences he has since been allowed to acquire.

As you may lay on the cover photo, he now no longer so young and apparently very long time before Spike Flynn could record his songs and a CD to the outside world proposals. With the album "It's Alright" is finally come. The nine songs in the studio was counting disc of music by Ian Heffernan (drums), Brian O'Rourke (bass), Micky Young (saxophone), CD-producer Graeme Molloy (piano and keyboards), Dave Fitzgerald and Jim Rush ( guitars) and Steve Shirvington (harmonica).

Spike Flynn uses a narrative style in his songs with stories that are printed in the accompanying booklet. The CD begins with the title track "It's Alright," a sturdy oversized laid back song lasting nearly 9 minutes. Relaxed style that persists in the majority of songs on this album, like "Fallin 'Rain Blues", the already almost nine minutes long cowboy & western song "Silver Nitrate Serenade" with distinctive harmonica and sax sounds.

We hear more swing in the tempo put to "Falling Into Love (Out Of Self Defence). "Hard Times" is again a beautiful piano ballad about heartbreak and feelings of lack of an ex-lover. "Like A Runaway Train" is marketed as a country rocker with the piano again by Graeme Molloy as a central tool.

One of the most beautiful songs on "It's Alright" is another ballad and is called "The Penny Whistle Lament" with a softly singing about pensive and nostalgic Spike Flynn in the lead. The 'Bosmans Phil "in this singer will arrive at the top of the didactic prophetic "That's The Way It Goes" on all of us wished resignation to fate.

Finally shine again in the final acoustic put "Hold On" and this album is at its end. With its high degree of familiarity and calmness, we call this CD, and how successful you recommend for a relaxing time on your sofa next to your loved one who likes a glass of wine you will want to share.

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