The Next Big Thing show: Breaking Through

Hi folks just to say you can have a listen to some interesting music on The Next Big Thing show Breaking Through
for 18th November -

I'm on the last ten minutes from about 46 minutes onwards. Lots of other cool stuff as well!

Not that I can really hear it at the moment as I have a ruptured ear drum and also I'm down with pneumonia at the moment .So I've plenty of time to reflect on my hero Jimmie Rodgers (and his great song TB Blues. He died of TB). Thank God for antibiotics. Poor old Jimmie.

As I slowly recover though I have the strange sensation of songs being born deep in the subconscious.

If you're into Jimmie Rodgers and his blue yodels, give them a spin if you haven't for a while. And be grateful for antibiotics (the ones that are still working!).

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