Recording session in Uralla

I'm just back from a recording session in a small town in the New England area of New South Wales. The session went well and I may get an album out of it - time will tell.

I also played at the wonderful Armidale Club in the near-by town of Armidale. What a great place! It's an old Gentlemen's Club from the 1920's that since the late 70's has been an alternative music venue. Well I think that's the history. Open fire, cosy atmosphere - it gets chilly up in those hills. I wrote a few new songs for the recording session, one called Uralla Blues..

"A thin line, sometimes just a thread
Followed as best I could where ever it led
All kinds of things left undone
There's a lot of loose ends when you're always on the run

Here in Uralla the winter's are cold,
So I've been told "

It was nice to be back in the country, cold or not.

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