Cat and Fiddle Hotel Gig

The gig at The Cat and Fiddle Hotel last night was a great success. I did some of the songs from the It's alright album in a simple acoustic mode and they were very well received. Also a big favorite was my song Reincarnation Train Whistle Blues. It brought a great response.

Spike at the Cat and Fiddle

That song will be on my next CD which is currently under production. The other of my songs that was especially well received was Like a Runaway Train (or Runaway Train as it seems to be being known due to some typo problems in the CD printing). I played a bit of harmonica during the breaks with that one and it worked well. For a cold night a good crowd attended and I look forward to perhaps playing there again. I'll post up a photo or two taken on the night so if you like check out the photo section of this website.

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