The Penny Whistle Lament

In the penny whistle sounds of three a.m.
Like smoke my mind is drifting
‘Cross the broken dreams to another time
When we sailed those songs out on a sea of wine
When we talked in circles, bent out of shape
And walked like men on the face of the moon
Hanging silent in a starry sky
Watchin’ the Universe passin’ by

And the street light shadows cut like razors
When you hear the night wind callin’
I see you’re at home, a stranger alone now
Where the midnight stars, are always fallin’

In terms of consequences
I guess you crossed just one too many fences
Eased out of one into another troubled time
Always floating out those songs, then drowning them in wine
The lonesome crossroads
Were always disappearing in the distance
And like the dust that some old holden lifts out west
Blowing free across this land our dreams are still drifting

The penny whistle sings of soft defeat
As I see your vacant eyes reflected in these darkened streets
An’ neon lights are flickering in rhyme
To those songs so long ago now all drowned in wine


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