It’s Alright

Let’s walk awhile, as the sun settles down
And the stars set up their trapeze while the moon acts the clown.
Let the night bring it’s darkness, as dawn brings light
Ah, there’s a story that tells us everything’s goin’ to be alright
It’s goin’ to be alright.

Journey with me, through this small river town
Where like anywhere in this world, trouble can be found
See, it’s found that couple on the step there, man’s cryin’ like a babe
Can’t hear a word, but I know what she’s saying

It’s alright, it’s alright, It’s alright

By the closed down movie theatre, girls are feelin’ blue
Talkin’ to the boys under the street light, who don’t know what to do
But Suzie’s back there in the shadows, with her Billy tonight
They’re dancing to their heartbeats, he’s holdin’ her tight (saying)
It’s alright …

At the Red Rose Café, a child’s learning how to stand
Mothers smiling like it’s Christmas, holding out her hands
Takes a little step, tumbles and he falls
Feels his world is ending till he hears his momma call
It’s alright

If you find yourself, losing to the blues
Just find a friend who can hold onto you ( and say)
It’s alright….
If troubles out there maybe callin’ you by name
You’re doubting yourself, seems nothing’s the same (remember)
It’s only when you stop believing, that nothing will change
You see the blues are just the fuel, it’s love that’s the flame
Every things alright

Out by the Roadhouse, trucks are lying quiet
Drivers smokin’ cigarettes through a long hot night
Frankie’s sitting by the window, seeking what she needs
The Highway of Heartache demands more than just a little speed

Back in town at the hotel talkin’, with the main street crew
Johnny’s going crazy with the midnight news
That his Frankie’s back in town, she’s got a new tattoo
Ah, that girl’s jumpy as a monkey, but God, he loves her true

At the Cenotaph old Jack pauses, salutes and stands
Swayin’ in the breeze with a bottle of Micky Williams in his hand
Oh, it’s a long march home, up the old Camp Hill
Each step of the way he remembers those boys still

At Kakoda he found words were worth more than gold
If they helped a man in trouble journey in from the cold
He says Christ is in the wind and Buddha’s in the trees
Yet people search all over, tryin’ to be free


Now the sun’s coming up on this corrugated dusty western town
They’re waiting at the gate, for the man to come down
Been no rain here, for twelve months or more
Folks do a lot of talkin’, at the General Store

Tomorrow never comes, it’s always been that way
We wake up in the morning find another today
To dance the dance of love as we circle our old sun
Helpin’ each other as best we can and doin’ what needs to be done

Happiness and sorrow, joy and pain
Call it what you want, it’s all the same
Fears got many disguises, sometimes even dressed as love
So be careful who you point to, if push comes to shove

Now the children are wakin’, running out to play
Doing their work, in this other today
The moons smile is fading, the trapeze is put away
As a voice from the east whispers, ah, listen to it say


Built by BBR