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Being played on Dutch radio

I've received confirmation that I will be played on Dutch radio probably from early September. You can find a lot of information about the radio station at http://meerradio.nl . Special information about the program that will play It's alright is at subpage http://www.meerradio.nl/goodnoise and http://goodnoiseradio.blogspot.com You can stream the program on those sites.

Playing at The Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Balmain

On Saturday the 10th July I will be support act for the country rock band Odyssey. This will be at the Cat and Fiddle Hotel on Darling Street Balmain in Sydney. Show starts at 8pm on the dot and a $10 cover charge applies. Get there early, this is a cosy venue, good seating and with meals available.

Arriving Home

I came across a quote from T.S. Eliot again recently that had informed part of my thinking in my song Runaway Train and also I realize actually reflects a lot of my thinking generally in my song-writing.

The quote is "The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

In my song Runaway Train I say in the last verse

"Every steps a journey, or so it seems
Till you realize you've never left where you've always been.."

Fund Raiser for Cambodian Orphans

I played at a fund-raiser last Friday June 4th supporting the Cambodian Children's Trust and the work of young Australian Tara Winkler. You can watch a TV program about her work at the link below. She is an inspiring young Australian.


It was a great night and apparently over $4000.00 was raised all up which will be a great help to those children in need at the Orphanage. I may up load some photo's later.

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