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French country music magazine review and radio play

Roland Lanzarone from RCF-Haute Normandie Radio and Le Cri du Coyote Magazine has given a very positive and warm review to It's Alright. The review itself is in the magazine in the Kanga Route section which focuses on music from Australia. I don't seem to be able to access this from the web page so I guess it's a hard copy magazine. In an email to me Roland expressed how much he has enjoyed It's Alright and how he has been playing it on his radio program. You can check out the web address here:


The Next Big Thing show: Breaking Through

Hi folks just to say you can have a listen to some interesting music on The Next Big Thing show Breaking Through
for 18th November -


I'm on the last ten minutes from about 46 minutes onwards. Lots of other cool stuff as well!

Not that I can really hear it at the moment as I have a ruptured ear drum and also I'm down with pneumonia at the moment .So I've plenty of time to reflect on my hero Jimmie Rodgers (and his great song TB Blues. He died of TB). Thank God for antibiotics. Poor old Jimmie.

www.kippenvel.net - Interesting site!

Hey the internet is a fascinating space to roam in isn't it! Just to mention the Ruud Heijjer site which I've been checking out and finding very interesting. It's at www.kippenvel.net and you can connect to his radio show from there. It's worth a look.

Recording session in Uralla

I'm just back from a recording session in a small town in the New England area of New South Wales. The session went well and I may get an album out of it - time will tell.

I also played at the wonderful Armidale Club in the near-by town of Armidale. What a great place! It's an old Gentlemen's Club from the 1920's that since the late 70's has been an alternative music venue. Well I think that's the history. Open fire, cosy atmosphere - it gets chilly up in those hills. I wrote a few new songs for the recording session, one called Uralla Blues..

"A thin line, sometimes just a thread

Spike Flynn European Chart No.10

Good news re the Euro Americana Charts - my album It's Alright was voted at number ten position for September.

These charts are decided by votes from altcountry and roots journalists and radio presenters in Europe and the UK.

These people know their music! So it is an honor to be voted into the charts for September by them.

Check out the Chart for yourself at this link :


How true it is

Well it seems that way to me. I came across this quote recently -

"..one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

My chaos is more focused these days thank goodness! But it's still there in an inquiring and creative sense and I hope I never lose it. Out of the dust and howling wind of troubled times can come something meaningful and wonderful.

Speaking of which I'm off to Armidale in the New England region of New South Wales soon to do a bit of recording and to play a gig there as well. I'm looking forward to that.

Croatia hears Spike Flynn

Europe again takes the lead! Yes the CD It's alright will be played on radio in Croatia. It's not an area I would have thought of myself but there you go. I think the European's like the more introspective nature of my songwriting... well that's my theory. I know very little about Croatia but now I know they do have some country music fans. God bless them one and all!

Spike Flynn video is on Youtube

Check out the video on You tube at this link :


Spike Flynn on Rootstime Radio

The It's alright album will be reviewed and played by the Belgium website Rootstime. You can have a listen to the site by following the link

and clicking on Radio. They cover Belgium and The Netherlands.

Cat and Fiddle Hotel Gig

The gig at The Cat and Fiddle Hotel last night was a great success. I did some of the songs from the It's alright album in a simple acoustic mode and they were very well received. Also a big favorite was my song Reincarnation Train Whistle Blues. It brought a great response.

Spike at the Cat and Fiddle
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