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John McCutcheon - wonderful performer.

Well it's been a while since I've blogged on! I had a wonderful time supporting the legendary American folk-singer John McCutcheon recently. Not only is he an amazing instrumentalist and singer but is also a very nice chap.

My group Spike Flynn and The Open Hearted Strangers have been performing and honing our material. We will be at the Northern Beaches Music Festival in May. That should be a great weekend of music here in Sydney.

Jim Conway and his band Big Wheel

I have recently had the pleasure of supporting Jim Conway's Big Wheel on a couple of occasions.What a terrific band! They are all highly talented, superb musicians. If you get a chance to see Big Wheel please do yourself a favour and do so!

Andrew Clermont is on Spike Flynn's next album

Yes Andrew Clermont the incredible fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo player is on my next collection of songs which has been recorded in Uralla in the New England area of New South Wales. The CD is almost finished, just a little touch here and there to add and then mastering etc. As well as Andrew, Tony Green is playing guitar on the album. Tony is a wonderful player - he has a magic "touch" that I admire so much.I'm very excited about this album !

Spike Flynn - supporting Peter Rowan and his Bluegrass Band

What a treat it was to support Peter Rowan recently. He is one of those formative people, musically speaking, in my life. I still have the vinyl albums I listened to so often way back when. It is sort of strange to now be supporting him on a stage in Sydney. I have always admired his song writing and singing. The band, with Michael Witcher on dobro, Mike Munford on banjo and Paul Knight on bass, are as good as you will get.
I will have the pleasure of supporting them again on the 22nd of March when they return to Sydney. Will the white horse Mescalito appear ?

Spike Flynn -supporting Kristina Olsen February 2012.

What a great pleasure it was to support Kristina Olsen recently. She proved to be a terrific performer. She sang some of my favourite songs including my top pick "Yellow Piper". She also told some very funny stories ! The venue (Notes, in Newtown) is a dream to play at with great sound and very comfortable surrounds. Get along there if you want to hear good music.

Gulgong Folk Festival

I'm pleased to say that I will be playing at the Gulgong Folk Festival in January 2012. It's a great town with a wonderfully colorful history.
It has a strong connection with Henry Lawson, one of my literary hero's and someone I've written a couple of songs about -

"The mine's are all empty, the veins have run dry

The time of the miner's is a time gone by

Henry's time is the barroom the stone of the wine

He's drinking and talking and losing his mind"

Poor Henry died broke and alcoholic and was then given a state funeral! Such is life.

Folkworld magazine review of Spike Flynn's It's Alright by David Hintz

Just thought I'd share this review as it makes the interesting point that Australia has "more old west" territory than the USA. I guess in pure territory it actually does - not sure. However I certainly come from an area that was very Wild West and lawless in the 1860's, with bushrangers (outlaws) like Ben Hall, Frank Gardiner and Johnny Gilbert. They were wild days indeed! Poor Ben was shot 30 times at his capture in 1865 and is buried in my hometown cemetry. It's still an area of wide open spaces and that geography has certainly influenced my songwriting and music.

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Tribute to Jimmie Rogers

A couple of months ago I was struck down with pneumonia and spent a few weeks recovering. During that time I thought about a hero of mine, the singing brakeman Jimmie Rogers. Jimmie of course died from TB before antibiotics were available. I always admired his courage and how he recorded up till the end. He was on my mind a lot. So I've now recorded a little video of one of his songs T for Texas as a sort of tribute to him and a "thank you" for modern medicine! I can't sing at all like Jimmie could but it still brings me pleasure to play these old songs. I hope he would have approved.

Flyinshoes Review - great website

This is a great website for people interested in country, folk and blues music!

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